Continuing to support LibreOffice

Oracle donating to Apache Software Foundation?

I was quite surprised to hear about this move from Oracle. My impression is that this is a last attempt to keep alive. It’s too little too late in my opinion. Factoring in that the community chose to fork and that several major distros (if not most) have already switched to LibreOffice, I don’t see making any kind of come back. The licensing situation is also going to make it harder to migrate patches from LibreOffice to as I understand it and Michael Meeks makes some great points on that.

Some of the comments I read about the proposal (#1, #2) really re-iterate what I was thinking already. I hasten to add, I think for people/projects still using it’s a good thing.

Great responses too from Michael (#1, #2) and Norbert Thiebaud.

In light of everything, Lanedo fully backs the Document Foundation and will continue to support LibreOffice. We prefer the community driven efforts and model behind LibreOffice and there is great enthusiasm from the people involved in the project!

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