Tracker – What do we do now we’re stable?


Over the past month or two, I’ve spent time working on various feature branches for Tracker. This coming after a 1.2 stable release and a new feature set which was added in 1.2.

So a lot has been going on with Tracker internally. I’ve been relatively quiet on my blog of late and I thought it would be a good idea to run a series of blogs relating to what is going on within the project.

Among my blogs, I will be covering:

  • What features did we add in Tracker 1.2 – how can they benefit you?
  • The difference between URIs, URNs, URLs and IRIs – dispelling any confusion; for the bugs we’ve had reported
  • Making Tracker more Git-like – we’re moving towards a new ‘git’ style command line with some new features on the way
  • Preparing for the divorce – is it time to finally split tracker-store, the ontologies and the data-miners?
  • Making Tracker even more idle – using cgroups and perhaps keyboard/mouse idle notifications

If anyone has any questions or concerns they would like to see answered in articles around these subjects, please comment below and I will do my best to address them! :)

Source: My blog