30 Pheasant Rise · Copdock · England · IP8 3LF

Invoice Number INV-0055
Invoice Date August 28, 2023
Due Date September 27, 2023
Total Due £1,155.00

9 The Quadrangle, The Drift, Ipswich, England, Suffolk, IP3 9QR

Date Start Duration Description
Feb 26, 2023 11:15 4h 55min Conversation with Mark about how to best use the cloud-sql-proxy for dev work.
Created script. Had some issues with staging CDN and Elastic Search which I am asking Mark about.
Mar 05, 2023 14:53 1h Fixed for MacOS
Mar 05, 2023 19:23 59min Fixed ElasticSearch config issue after call with Mark.
Mar 09, 2023 21:24 52min Helped Mark revert prod in git, Jira 595
Mar 12, 2023 11:06 48min Made a start on having a &clean=1 argument to urls to clean up product pages.
Mar 12, 2023 16:40 2h 26min Finished this work in a branch mr-clean -landing-page. Emailed Steve/Gary for feedback.
Mar 30, 2023 17:06 58min Support to fix revert that didn't work properly with Adam's PR.
Apr 02, 2023 09:01 9h 6min Upgraded to Bootstrap 5.2.3 (was 5.1.3).
Initial implementations for Jiras BDP-594 and BFP-597.
Apr 25, 2023 19:19 2h 17min Small improvements to fast loading pages after feedback from Gary.
Fixed Bootstrap upgrade issue with mouseover on megamenu.
Call with Mark about how to upload image assets for BDP-594/BDP-597.
No obvious approach to this one. Mark is going to think about a solution and come back to me.
May 03, 2023 08:40 1h 42min Panscanner for 2023, see BDP-609
May 21, 2023 15:00 1h 27min BDP-597: Tweaks to fast loading pages after feedback from Gary.
Jun 05, 2023 16:02 1h 27min Send Steve cost savings for Google Cloud.
Call with Steve.
Signed up for cost savings!
Jun 08, 2023 10:15 17min Replied to Steve's email detailing what Cloud Run is used for.
Jun 23, 2023 17:32 57min Fix GCP git key breaking automated builds for prod and staging.
Jul 02, 2023 16:23 1h 17min BDP-594: New version of Beam Angles / Colour Temperatures page after images from Gary have been provided. These were uploaded using Ghost Blog for now.
Aug 28, 2023 10:07 2h 25min BDP-597: Add title to similar products on fast loading pages and remove "More Info" button on mobile devices.
BDP-594: Fixed links and text for beam angles / lamp colours.
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33 Website - Development & Support £35.000.00%£1,155.00
Sub Total £1,155.00
Tax £0.00
Total Due £1,155.00

Bank: Lloyds
Account Number: 77055968
Sort Code: 30-94-55
IBAN: GB29LOYD30945577055968